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Dane Barentine

Dane Barentine

My name is Dane Barentine and I'm a full-time software developer living in Portland, OR.

So, what's this site about? The short answer is, not about software development. It's a place to share some of my other passions in life.


Photography is something I have been involved with since I was a kid. Having been inspired by my father and his passion for photography early on in life it is something I continue to enjoy to this day.


About five years ago Tana and I moved from Wisconsin to Oregon. And while there were opportunities in Wisconsin to hike it pales in comparison to what is available in the pacific northwest. Since the move we have taken many opportunities to hike many natural areas in both Oregon and Washington and have enjoyed it immensely. But it's something we haven't been able to do a lot of since having a child. But as she gets older we are hoping to get back into it.


I've always liked building things but woodworking is relatively new to me. It's something that I know I am not necessarily good at. And because of that it's challenging and interesting.